Discover Somatic Coaching & Bodywork.

What do you care about? Who do you want to become?
What change do you want to affect? For yourself, and others?

Transform the self.

Somatic Coaching and Bodywork is centered around transformation. We will work toward developing your vision and your values, and toward taking new action consistently that aligns with that vision; even under the same old pressures.

Work with me to build a truly sustainable transformation in your life.

What to expect in Somatic Coaching.

If you are new to somatic coaching, you will learn not only a basic understanding, but also a felt experience of somatics such as the arc of transformation as well as somatic awareness, somatic opening and somatic practices (do not worry, I will explain these terms further in our first sessions). I will also help you to create a declaration for yourself. You can understand a declaration as a commitment to a future vision you have for yourself, based on what you deeply care about. A declaration mobilizes your intention, mobilizes those around you, as you start to embody the vision you have about your future. In this context embodiment means that your entire being - actions, thinking, speech, emotions, moods & physical presence - are reflecting your declaration.

A little about me, David Baar.

Hi! I'm David, and before I get into the details I want to acknowledge the obvious: an 'about me' section on a website, in particular as it relates to somatics, is probably missing (more than) half the 'picture'. If you’d like to know more, what follows will give you a little more of an understanding of who I am, and what has shaped me. Hopefully, my story can inspire some curiosity about somatic coaching and/or bodywork.

Let's have a Conversation.

Unclear if somatic coaching and/or somatic bodywork is for you? That's OK, and let's have a conversation about it. So far I’ve worked with movement organizers, entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, young professionals, members of the Navy, soon-to-be parents, current and former professional and olympic athletes, and many other identities people carry. I think somatic coaching and bodywork can benefit all, and at the same time is not for everyone. I am also not the coach/bodyworker for everyone. That's OK, too.

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